Discord Bot Documentation

Full Command List - Prefix: |

---- help | Gives a short list of useful commands and the link to this page
---- version | Gets the current version of the bot
---- site | Posts an embed for the 420 PVP website
---- info | Gets information on the given discord profile
---- server | Gets information on the Discord Server
---- status | Checks if the DayZ server is up or not

++ Miscellaneous Commands ++
---- rr | Play russian roulette against other members
---- slap | Slaps a given user with a random funny message
---- host2ip | Gets the IP Address of the given domain
---- geo | Gets whois info on the given IP/Domain

++ Admin Commands ++
---- purge | Deletes a set amount of messages in the channel
---- banner | Creates a custom 420 PVP Banner for a user
---- mute | Moves given user the the mute role for specified time and reason

Many more to come so keep an eye on this page! We will also post updates to the News page and our social media accounts.